To say the least my summer has been filled with many adventures in and around our wonderful city of Toronto.  I’ve had the opportunity to do a number of things from “getting on bad” at this year’s Caribana festival (yes, I still call it Caribana, and always will), to checking out the TD Irie Music festival (I’m a huge reggae music enthusiast), to unleashing my inner “nerd” at the board game café “Snakes & Latte’s” (don’t judge me I still play board games).  Also, I was able to experience my first taste of the Danforth, which was…. ALRIGHT I guess (unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to see our good mayor in his finest hour of intoxication).

Being the food lover that I am, somehow I stumbled upon a unique concept tucked away in nearby Liberty Village, called Night Market Toronto.  Every so often on Twitter I would see people tweeting about this Mysterious night market that had popped up in Toronto and of course it had peaked my interest.  After doing some research, this market at 99 Sudbury St (King and Sudbury) seemed fantastically interesting.  There were artists, FOOD VENDORS, clothing sales, and did I mention food vendors? I was sold.  There’s something for everybody here, whether you’re into food, art, or clothing; in my opinion this is something innovative, and exactly what Toronto needs. Here are a few of the things I tried out that night:
So I must confess, I’ve never had Crab cakes before, nor have I ever dared to try codfish fritters that were NOT either my mother’s or grandmothers (because clearly nobody makes fritters as well as my grandmother did).  Mom comes a very close second; until I tried the food from Le Ti Colibri. I must admit, my first crab cake experience was AMAZING, and well I won’t tell you whose fritters were better, for fear of my very Jamaican mother’s wrath. But these things were GOOD, and despite my mouth being lit on fire by the dipping sauce, I couldn’t help but go back for seconds and thirds.  Honestly, the folks at Le Ti Colibri know their food, and I highly recommend checking out their spot located right near Kensington market (major intersection is College and Bathurst).
I’m sorry, with a name like Gangster Burger; I was SOLD before even trying the chicken and waffles by executive chef Adrian Forte.  Come on, a restaurant themed on organized crime bosses?  Enough said.   Now what really got me excited were the chicken and waffles.
Hands down the BEST waffles and deep fried chicken I personally have tasted.  This item is not even on the menu at Gangster Burger, so this truly was a once in a lifetime experience; the long line-up was definitely worth the wait. Even though no burgers were on the menu on this night, checking out Gangster Burger is on my to-do list before the end of 2013. It’s worth a try
My hat goes off to the Curator for this weekly event, Matthew Harris   for bringing the Night Market to Toronto.  There really is something there for everybody. I definitely would recommend checking this place out next summer as it closed for the season in October.  Hopefully you will all enjoy the Night Market just as much as I did.

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