So over this past weekend we celebrated my girlfriend’s birthday by going out for dinner with a bunch of her friends. Since she is a woman with impeccable taste, especially when it comes to where she chooses to eat, I was excited well before the festivities began. Not only was I going to spend the whole weekend with my baby, but it was pretty much guaranteed that I was going to get the chance to partake in some real good eats. You see, my girl NEVER, and I truly mean NEVER gets it wrong when we go out to eat. FACT. An impressive feat well worth mentioning as no one else in my past, or for that matter the present, has been able to consistently suggest top-notch eateries. Basically, her choices are ALWAYS the sh*t! End of story.

About two weeks prior to our outing she told me about this spot “La Carnita”, front-carnitalocated somewhere on College Street. I’d never heard of it before and assumed it was a new place, few people had heard about. But in true M.J. fashion I was wrong… AGAIN. When we arrived it quickly became apparent that  EVERYBODY in the city had heard about this place except me, ‘cause EVERY seat in the joint was full. Clearly I live under the proverbial rock that is the suburbs, virtually devoid of any knowledge of anything remotely trendy in Toronto’s downtown core. But I digress…


As I was saying, when we walked into the restaurant, which can be aptly described as a Mexican street food (i.e. tacos all day e’ry day) joint for the hipster set, was packed. The walls were decorated in graffiti art, with booths and long canteen style tables crammed inside, to fit as many folks as possible into the large, dimly-lit, and noisy space. Though shouting to hear each other as we ate was necessary (it’s definitely not the best choice for an intimate dining experience), I loved the energy of the place and the service was definitely on point.

But most importantly, the food at La Carnita did not disappoint. The items I ordered from their menu were nothing short of foodgasmic (Yep. That’s not even a word, but you know what I’m sayin’) and reasonably priced ($4.25-$6.75/taco, with $20 specials for those who want to eat BIG) too – BONUS! Now let me tell you what I ate…

Pulled Pork with mango salsa. Lord.Have.Mercy. I’m going to say nothing more, except I’m sure I downed about three of them in 60 seconds flat, as my girlfriend looked on in horror. But maybe she was just jealous of the multiple foodgasms I was having?…Maybe?

carnita-pork taco

Next was the Tuna Ceviche. Not my favourite, but still tasty as f*ck.

Tuna Ceviche ( #lacarnita

Finally I tried “In Cod We Trust”…LMAO! Yes, that’s the actual name of this taco. I ate two of these in one bite then continued to revel in the multiple foodgasms I was experiencing.

lacarnita_food3 -In cod we Trust (

All In all, we had a wonderful evening and the best part was the food! Oops, I mean, spending time with my wonderful woman on her birthday weekend – OBVIOUSLY. For real though, if ya’ll have a chance to check this place out, make sure you do. It’s damn good.


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