My Friend,

During our lifetimes, we all have the opportunity to experience many different things. I’ve been fortunate to have done and seen a lot in my life thus far, and thinking back, I’ve done some pretty cool sh*t. But when I first encountered you, and I had the chance to really take you in, sh*t done changed. I became something, maybe even someone different. Out of my shell I came, breaking out of the confines of the quiet, sleepy suburbs, to get my first taste of the bright lights and excitement of the city.

You were there during the best of times, and the worst (or should I say “sloppiest”?) of times. You opened yourself up to me in the most literal of ways, and now you’re going…Going…GONE.

Nearly a decade of my fondest memories are because of you, and now you’re ’bout to just up and disappear. Wtf am I going to do without you? What’s the T-dot even going to be like without you?

It won’t be easy to move on, and find “someone” just like you to occupy my time every weekend. Play Fridays and countless Caribana weekends spent with you. Man, the things we used to do together. If only your walls could talk. Oh wait…all the evidence is on Facebook, d’uh!

It really is the end of an era, and I just want to say thank you. THANK YOU for EVERYTHING, on this your final weekend in operation. Here’s hoping you realize that you were not only a staple in my life, but also an important landmark that made the City of Toronto a great place to party.

RIP Guvernment Niteclub


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