Do you know what I hate even more than CNN’s Don Lemon, Rod Ford’s antics while he was mayor, and living life as a broke-ass student…combined?


But I have to fill this page with something, right? Yep, of course I do.

Now, as I’m a reasonable and clear thinking guy, who is more than aware of his own limitations I made the very wise  decision to call in some back up for this particular mission. I asked one of my friends to interview a few of the folks I believe know me well and love(?) me , in order to give you all a bit of insight into the type of guy I am.

Ladies and Gents, without further ado, here’s a bit about me, according to my nearest and dearest…

The Girlfriend:

Ok. So I think Mandela is amazing in a lot of ways. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be dating him, right? Anyway, one thing I know about him for sure he really likes what he likes. Let’s take his recently acquired hobby, dancing Kizomba. He’s loves it. In fact, there are times when I think he’s positively obsessed. I really believe, that if he could hit the dance floor every night to practice he would. He lives to dance, which explains why he’s gotten so good at it in a relatively short time. And it’s good for me, because he’s so much fun to dance with.

Of course his passion for Kizomba also means that he does tend to go on and on and on about it to anyone in ear shot. Though it’s not ideal, because I’d love it if we could talk about other things once in while, I can’t say it really bothers me or impacts my life…Though come to think of it lately my friends seem really happy when I show up to dinner parties without him.

The Older Brother:

My brother is a great guy, mainly because I’m the one who taught him everything he knows. But seriously, Mandela is a friendly, outgoing guy, with a whole lot of energy. People really like him. In our family he’s known as the life of the party and the one who has everyone’s back. My kids, our parents and even our extended family. He’s down for us all.

But you know what he’s never down for? Hard work…Particularly of the house cleaning variety. Growing up it was a family joke. If you ever wanted to get rid of him quickly, just ask him to help you wash the dishes or clean his room. It always worked like magic. One minute he’d be there, the next he was ghost.

The ‘rents:

Dad – What can we say. We’re his parents, we love him and Lord knows we did our best to raise him right. He’s the well-adjusted, thoughtful, intelligent and independent man we always hoped he would become. Isn’t that right, dear?

Mom – Oh yes. I completely agree. It’s just that…I just wish that…Oh geez, there’s no real way to say this politely. We can’t say we’d mind if he found a way to get through his broke ass student phase in someone else’s house.

Dad – Amen to that.

Alright, now that you’ve heard from those who CLAIM to “Love” me the most, how about I ACTUALLY tell you the truth? Sound good? Cool, here we go…

I’m currently living against my will in the 905, but I will always claim the good ol’ 416 because that’s where I was born and raised. I generally spend my time following current events, watching MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), reading, pursuing my passion of PR, planning my next vacation with the money that for now I can only dream of having in my bank account, cooking, discovering new restaurants and of course…DANCING!

Why did I start this blog? Honestly, I’m not really sure…Wait, I lied. It was a requirement during my first year in the #HumberPR degree program. However, since that time I have discovered that writing is something I kinda like to do. So here I am – for better or worse – to share my many incoherent ramblings , social commentaries and (mis)adventures in the T-Dot.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is…

This is me, so deal with it!


Bloggers Note: No interviewees were hurt during the creation of this post.  All views  expressed that don’t make Mandela sound like the Boss he is are of those of the interviewees ONLY and do NOT reflect the personal opinions of the creator of this blog. 

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